White Label Mobile Website Software Reviews

by Michael Armstrong

The Best Mobile Website White Label & Reseller Company Reviews

Mobile Website White Label Reseller ProgramsOur mobile website white label and reseller reviews looked at over thirty mobile website builder companies to find the ones that offer the best mobile reseller solutions.  Mobile websites are essential for businesses wanting to connect with the over 250 million cell phone users in the US that are on a phone to find information.

Businesses with click-to-call and click-for-directions options can attract mobile hone users and gain an edge on the competition.  As a mobile website reseller you can design mobile friendly websites for clients without creating your own mobile website software.

Become a mobile website reseller with one of these three mobile site builder companies and make money selling mobile websites today:


Mobile Website White Label Reseller Reviews

Mob.is.it Reseller Review: Maximum Flexibility

MobisitMob.is.it for Resellers: They have options designed for different types of resellers.  Whether an advertising agency, entrepreneur, social media company, or web design firm – Mob.is.it has a solution for you.  Mobisit offers a comprehensive mobile website platform that is designed around providing full features and flexibility to its reseller partners.

Mobisit Video Review

The Mobisit mobile website design platform is mobile CMS based which provides users with more features and the same functionality of a traditional website.  They are easy to use for novice website designers and have the tools a professional would require.

The Mobisit reseller program offers businesses interested in starting a mobile website business a way to quickly offer mobile website services using the Mob.is.it platform.

Mob.is.it’s Best features:

mobisit review mobile site builder

  • Easy to update and edit websites with no limits on editing
  • QR codes – create them and track results
  • Questionnaire and polls
  • Online documents for customers to download
  • Google Analytics to keep track of traffic and other statistics
  • Video Integration
  • Dashboard for easy access
  • E-commerce solution

Three Reseller Options: With Mob.is.it you are in control.  They have a reseller program, agency program, and white label solution to meet your needs – regardless of how complicated.

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Octomobi Reseller Review – Mobile Website Reseller Program

OctoMobi Reseller Program Learn MoreOctomobi.com offers mobile website templates that have graphics that pop, video integration, and RSS feeds for the optimum social media experience.  Designing mobile websites through Octomobi will provide your clients with a mobile website that incorporates all of their online marketing efforts.  They offer a true mobile website reseller program.  You make the sale, build a mobile website for your client and make money by using their mobile website platform.

Octomobi Reseller Video

Octomobi’s features are:


  • Video integration with YouTube
  • Cloud hosting
  • RSS feed integration, including Twitter
  • Use your own domain
  • Social Media integration
  • Custom Image Gallery
  • True Mobile Reseller Platform
  • Google Analytics
  • QR Codes  

Octomobi & YouTube: Leverage your clients marketing efforts by incorporating YouTube videos into their mobile website.  Whether product demonstrations or entertainment videos, integration with YouTube can make a mobile website stand out.

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DudaMobile’s Reseller Program: One-Click Solution to Mobile Websites

Duda MobileDudaMobile.com has combined speed, efficiency, and aesthetics to create a mobile website builder software that is easy to use regardless of your tech skills.  Resellers with zero web design experience can sign up and instantly offer mobile websites to their clients.

Dudamobile Reseller Video

This allows entrepreneurs of all kinds to benefit from the migration to mobile friendly websites.  They have a one-click solution that lets you convert clients traditional websites into mobile friendly versions in a matter of minutes.

Some of their best features are:

Dudamobile Reseller Program

  • Click for Directions so customers never get lost
  • Click to Call so customers can easily reach you
  • Synching with the normal website so edits only happen once
  • Graphic rich mobile site templates
  • Compatible with WordPress
  • SEO optimized mobile sites
  • Lightening fast, one-click mobile site solution

DudaMobile’s for Resellers: At the end of the day it is all about selling a service.  DudaMobile has created a solution for resellers that combines a traditional reseller program with the benefits of a white label.

Their customer preview tools are branded with your company information so that clients never know you are using DudaMobile.  They also have a tool where you can preview sites from any smart phone to look like the super awesome mobile website builder that you are (even if you can’t write one word of code).

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Duda Mobile

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piJnz Reseller CMS – Feature Rich Mobile Websites for Resellers

Pijnz Reseller Program Learn MorepiJnz.com provides companies with a white label solution that goes beyond branding.  Their program puts your brand on sales tools, presentation videos and the dashboard where your customers make edits and check analytics.

Their CMS platform allows professional developers the flexibility and tools they need to make outstanding mobile websites, customized to each clients individual needs.  piJnz has a true 100% White Label program.

piJnz reseller Review Video

piJnz has diverse features including:

  • Integration with Constant Contact and more
  • Mobile Videos
  • Mobile Lead generation
  • Mobile coupons
  • Social media integration
  • Custom mobile forms
  • Mobile Website Templates
  • QR code generator
  • M-commerce

piJnz for Resellers:  They have created sales tools and back end support that makes reselling mobile website design easy.  Working with piJnz provides an opportunity to sell mobile websites without developing the software.  With more options and customization available it is easy to compete in the mobile space.

pijnz review mobile site reseller program

Why piJnz: Social media integration, videos, integration with Constant Contact, e-commerce and more – make working with piJnz the natural choice for businesses that need their mobile site to function as well as the desktop version.

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Pijnz Reseller Program Learn More

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White Label Reseller Mobile Website Platform Reviews – Choose the Best Platform

White Label mobile website design companies have been growing in popularity but to find the best one you have to try out their services.

In conducting these mobile website reseller reviews we tried their services and found that piJnz, Mob.is.it, Octomobi and DudaMobile are the easiest to work with and provide an instant solution for resellers looking to make money selling mobile websites.

Get started today and grow your client base by designing mobile websites using their platforms.

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