Text Message Marketing for Political Fundraising

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Politicians are Starting to use SMS Marketing

Political Text Message MarketingText message marketing is set to be the newest way to raise political funds for both republicans and democrats in Wisconsin. Just recently, the Federal Election Committee voted to allow political campaigns to collect donations via text message.

Consumers can already contribute to charitable causes via text message, so the ability to donate politically is expected to be well received. There are a few rules to be aware of. One important distinction for political fundraising via SMS messaging is that the amount of each contribution can only be a maximum of $50. Election laws require that donations more than $50 be accounted for, so text message marketing for political fundraising will be easier for campaigns with less paperwork involved.

Political campaigns should also be aware that though the donation amounts will not have to be reported, the donors will. Campaigns will have to be sure that donors are U.S. citizens. Donors must also be at least 18 years of age and donating their own money, not money from another person or employer.

If cell phone companies agree to the deal, cell phone users will be able to text an amount to a campaigns short code to donate to the campaign. The money will then be added to the user’s cell phone bill. Campaigns will not be aware of the donor’s name, just their cell phone number.

Text message marketing for political fundraising gives political campaigns an easy way to get donations from so-called “small dollar” donors. Billionaires and others who make large campaign contributions will not be able to do so via text messaging, but text messaging for political fundraising could be looked at as a way to engage voters and donors who might otherwise be overlooked.

Republicans and Democrats alike will see benefits to using political text message marketing. It won’t matter if you’re a republican running for state office, or a democrat running for the U.S. Senate, political text message marketing will help you attract those small dollar donors who can now donate very easily to any campaign who sets up a short code and keyword.

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How willing are people to add donations to their cell phone bills? The Pew Research Center recently reported that 9% of U.S. citizens have already made charitable donations with their cell phones. After the earthquake in Haiti, this practice grew in popularity when the American Red Cross used text messaging to collect donations to help.

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Those political candidates who really utilize this new fundraising tool have the potential to gain an edge in tight political races. This is due to the potential of text message marketing to tap into the vast sea of small dollar donors, as well as engage that part of the U.S. population that is not typically involved in political races.


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Joe Lynam December 24, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Doing campaigns and politics through multimedia is a good way to get your voice out there especially when you are new to the politics scene.