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Marketing TrendsKeeping up with mobile marketing news and trends is an important piece to ensure that your mobile marketing strategies are successful.

If you own a business you need to think about how you can reach your audience and today there are many options:

  • Mobile Optimized Website
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • SMS Text Marketing Campaign
  • Mobile App
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

This list goes on and one in today’s hyper active marketing world.

Have you created a mobile marketing strategy for your business?  Is your website mobile optimized?  How do you think you can best reach your customer base on their mobile phones and add value to the relationship you have with them?   Continue Reading

Mobile Marketing TrendsThere is no doubt that mobile phones are taking over in lot of areas of everyone’s lives as well as taking over in different areas of business.  If you look at the mobile trends in the USA, you will see unprecedented growth even when compared to the growth of other technologies like computers or even the internet.

The mobile trends show people buying and adopting the use of smartphones faster than anyone predicted.  People are using these smartphones to access the internet and mostly access their email while on the go.

The mobile trends so the use of mobile apps is high on the list of mobile activities.    Continue Reading


SMS Mobile Marketing for Bars in Wisconsin  Mobile marketing strategies for bars and nightclubs in Wisconsin are vast in varieties but they all come down to one very common factor, text messaging. Mobile marketing software is easily accessible and many come with free trials to allow you to evaluate the benefits of using mobile marketing. You have nothing to lose and a lot of business to gain by coming up with your mobile marketing strategy. If you haven’t started using mobile phone marketing yet, you need to!

Mobile marketing strategies for bars, when designed correctly will help you literally pull business from the bar across the street straight through your doors! Continue Reading

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