Learn How to Create a Mobile Website for Free With Online Builder Software

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Website BuildersIf you’re wondering why your business should have a mobile website, this article can not only show you the importance of mobile websites in this tech infused economy, but will also tell you what you and your business can gain from having one.

The Benefits of Mobile Websites

No one needs to be told that everyone has a mobile phone these days. But what you may need to be told is how often people actually use those phones. As late as 2009, over one-third of mobile phone users did internet searches on their phones. The number could only have increased in the past few years.

Still not convinced? What if you found out that over half of all Internet searches for local businesses were done on mobile phones? Think about it. If you and your partner suddenly get in the mood for Mexican in an area of a city with which you’re not familiar, what would you do? Go all the way back home to go to the place down the street? No. It would be way easier to do a search on your mobile phone. Take that same concept to your marketing plan and you’ve found yourself a reason to learn how to create a mobile website for free.

What Are Online Mobile Website Builders, Exactly?

Simply put, mobile website builders are those tools that will allow anyone, whether they have computer programming experience or not, to build a mobile optimized website by way of software provided by a website. They’re very easy to use, plus many companies allow you to use their mobile website builder software for free.  The use of online mobile website builder software is taking off in popularity.

There are quite a few of these mobile website design companies on the market today. Two of the best mobile design companies that offers people free mobile optimized websites are DudaMobile and OctoMobi. You can go on their websites to find out what features they offer users for free.

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Creating a Mobile Optimized Website

If you want to learn how to create a mobile website for free, then you have come to the right place! Your first step is to sign up with a mobile website design service like DudaMobile and OctoMobi. Once you’ve done that, your almost done.

Once you’re in, you can quickly either create your own mobile website or even convert your existing website to mobile friendly. You can work with color schemes, fonts, the size of images, site navigation and almost any other aspect of a website-mobile or not-that you can think of.

What Type of Businesses Are Using Mobile Websites?

The question should be: what type of business isn’t using mobile websites. Especially now since you can learn how to create a mobile website for free, why wouldn’t you want to create an easy way for your potential customers to find your business? These days, it’s never been easier to have a free mobile website for your business.

In case you’re not convinced, here are some types of businesses that have learned how to create a mobile website and more customers-by riding the wave of increased mobile phone activity. Look to these industries as examples of what you can accomplish with your business:

  • Restaurant Mobile Websitesmobile website marketing strategies
  • Salon & Spa Mobile Websites
  • Church Mobile Websites
  • Real Estate Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Nonprofit Mobile Websites
  • Healthcare Mobile Websites
  • Entertainment Mobile Websites
  • Fitness Mobile Websites
  • Retail Mobile Websites
  • Hotel Mobile Websites

Over 33% of mobile phone users do Internet searches for local businesses on their mobile phone. Another statistic said that a majority of mobile phone users actually prefer to do Internet searches on their phone. We’re a society that’s constantly on the go from sunup to sundown. Do you want to hope that your potential customers will remember to look up your business online when they get home?

Instead of wishing and hoping, learn how to create a mobile website for free. It won’t take up a whole lot of time, but it may hopefully take people through the doors of your business.

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