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Call LoopCall Loop Reviews show that Call Loop is the SMS marketing company that is changing the way companies conduct a mobile marketing campaign.  By integrating SMS marketing with email autoresponder services they provide a campaign that is threefold – email, text, and voice to get increased results.

The bottom line is that Call Loop has partnered with the leading email marketing companies to add SMS Text Message Marketing capabilities into these leading email services.  So if you have an existing email marketing provider like Aweber, infusionsoft or Mailchimp (Full List Below), all you need to do is to sign up with Call Loop and you can seamlessly integrate SMS marketing into your email marketing strategy.

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The Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing

There are over 230 million people in the United States that use a cell phone.  People typically carry their phones with them and use them constantly.  This makes mobile marketing extremely effective.  Our Call Loop review shows that text sent through the Call Loop text message marketing software are opened 97% of the time.

That means businesses have the best opportunity to have customer actually see and read their marketing material.  ROI increases when customers are exposed to the message a business is sending out vs. wasting money on ads that are not seen or opened.

Call Loop – It’s Free to Start

Many small businesses do not have the budget to try out lengthy marketing campaigns without knowing if they will actually work.  Call Loop understands and our Call Loop review shows how easy it is to get started.  They do not require a contract and there is no fee to sign up.

A business can start with Call Loop’s text message marketing program today without paying anything.  They charge per text that is sent so there are no contracts or upfront fees.  You only pay for what you use.

call loop review integration

Call Loop SMS Text Message Integration into Email Marketing

Call Loop saw that it was difficult for businesses to have to constantly upload contacts between email marketing and SMS marketing providers.  In order to save businesses time and money the developed integration software that syncs with the following email autoresponder services:

  • Call Loop VideoAweber SMS Integration
  • Constant Contact SMS Integration
  • iContact SMS Integration
  • Infusionsoft SMS Integration
  • Get Response SMS integration
  • MailChimp SMS Integration
  • Nanacast SMS Integration

Call Loop Features:

  • Automatic follow-ups, set a text and voice schedule in advance
  • Flexibility to turn features on or off as often as a business wants
  • Phone and email support
  • Scrubbing contacts against the Do Not Call Registry
  • Analytics and reports
  • Voice Messaging and voice broadcasting
  • Personal messages using a customer’s name
  • No contracts so businesses can change their service level at any time

Who Can Use Call Loop?

Every business type can benefit from working with Call Loop, as this Call Loop review found out.  Since they do not require a contract and it’s free to start a business can tweak their SMS marketing strategy as many times as they need to find what generates the highest ROI.  Businesses in the following industries are working with Call Loops:

  • call loop aweber integrationBars
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Auto Industry
  • Health Care
  • Politics
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • It’s free to start so sign up and try Call Loops for yourself

Who runs Call Loop?

Lets face it the Lead Developer is the most important member of the team because he keeps things running smoothly for clients.  Chris Chubb heads user interface, development, and programming to make sure things run smoothly.  The other Chris, Chris Brisson, is the CEO and has founded several successful companies.


Call Loop Review

Call Loop seamlessly found a way to integrate SMS into email services and email autoresponders and has done so in an effort to save businesses time and money.  A company can now have an email, voice, and text message campaign running at the same time without spending a lot of time doing it.

This Call Loop review found the company to be customer focuses, uncomplicated, easy to work with, and free to get started.


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Alfred March 20, 2013 at 12:03 pm

I have read many blogs today about mobile marketing but I have to say yours is one of the better ones that I have read. Thank you for posting this information and I look forward to any updates that you may do. You have a talent for this and I look forward to learning more form you in the next couple of weeks, will you be posting more then?

Michael Armstrong March 23, 2013 at 2:01 am

Alfred – Thanks for your comment. We do put a lot of work into our content and reviews. Im glad you found our Call Loop review. Call Loop offers a great service if your looking for SMS text marketing, email marketing and voice broadcasting capabilities.

Calvin April 3, 2013 at 10:09 am

I love the email marketing and voice broadcasting capabilities of this more than just the ones that offer strictly text marketing. I understand that mobile devices and texts are the main thing now but what customers are you missing when it comes to people that don’t have texting capabilities etc. I think you still need to cover all your bases in order to make a difference.

Ian April 4, 2013 at 11:59 am

You did an awesome job of covering everything in your blog here, you have pointed out the needs that it will take to make the idea work to it’s full potential and that is what we need instead of these blogs that beat around the bush because they aren’t sure how much to tell you for free and what to charge you for. Very good blog thank you.

Michael Armstrong April 4, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Thanks Ian – Im glad you liked our Call Loop Review! You will also want to check out our Free mobile marketing training. We go into detail on various text message marketing options and services.

Clyde April 17, 2013 at 11:39 pm

The Call Loop company seems to be a group of pros that have their stuff together. They are really taking extra steps to reach the clients of their service resellers from different angles. That is the way to really get your message across.