Mobile Marketing Madison

SMS Mobile Marketing for Bars in Wisconsin  Mobile marketing strategies for bars and nightclubs in Wisconsin are vast in varieties but they all come down to one very common factor, text messaging. Mobile marketing software is easily accessible and many come with free trials to allow you to evaluate the benefits of using mobile marketing. You have nothing to lose and a lot of business to gain by coming up with your mobile marketing strategy. If you haven’t started using mobile phone marketing yet, you need to!

Mobile marketing strategies for bars, when designed correctly will help you literally pull business from the bar across the street straight through your doors! Continue Reading

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Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development WIOutsourcing is an employer’s greatest chance at finding the perfect candidate for their upcoming project. iPhone app development in WI is a big project and you can’t be expected to do everything yourself. By outsourcing you are able to hire a mobile app developer without wasting too much time, or money. You need your jobs done quickly and outsourcing companies will allow you to find freelancers that are waiting to start their new project today!

Offshore mobile app development is the easiest way to find a mobile application developer to work on your project. You may have studied Italian in school, but there’s nothing like having an Italian work on your project. Continue Reading


Mobile Donations Growing for Nonprofit Organizations

Mobile Giving for Nonprofits

Mobile donations to nonprofit organizations are on the rise all over Wisconsin. When text messaging began, who would have thought that one little text message could have so much impact?

Mobile donations surged with the Haitian earthquake of 2010. The American Red Cross announced that they were taking donations through text message. Those who wanted to give simply texted a keyword, “HAITI,” to a short code, and then the user was billed an extra $10 on their next cell phone bill. A lot of people probably felt that an extra $10 on their bill was very doable, and donations soared well into the millions of dollars. Continue Reading